Centre for Skills

The OECD Centre for Skills supports countries to achieve better economic and social outcomes by taking a whole-of-government approach and engaging with stakeholders to develop & implement better skills policies.

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OECD Skills Strategies

We are working collaboratively with a range of countries in applying the OECD Skills Strategy framework to build more effective national skills strategies. Each country project offers a highly tailored approach to focus on the unique skills challenges, context and objectives within that country.

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Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning

OECD work on vocational education and training (VET) and adult learning draws on country studies, in-depth analysis of specific topics and available data to explore how professional skills can be effectively developed for successful careers. 

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OECD Skills Outlook

Skills Outlook 2021‌ 

Insights on how countries can best support lifelong learning for all and promote individuals’ ability to learn how to learn. 

The OECD Skills Outlook 2021

Skills Summits

Since 2016, the OECD has organised biennial Skills Summits together with host countries, for ministers & senior officials with responsibilities for diverse skills-relevant portfolios. Learn more...

About the Centre for Skills

The OECD Centre for Skills provides policy advice and analytical insights about the impact of megatrends, such as digitalisation, globalisation, ageing and migration, on labour market needs and how this impacts the demand for skills. In particular, it works with countries to improve the governance and the effective design of lifelong learning systems that are responsive to changing labour market needs. Given that skills policies need to be well aligned with policies from other sectors (such as, employment, taxation and migration) in order to have the desired impact, the Centre adopts a whole-of-government approach and works horizontally with many other directorates within the OECD.

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