Updated April 2022

The Economic Power of Africa's Cities

Millions of people with better jobs and improved access to services

Cities increase GDP

Cities drive development

Cities benefit rural areas

Country and cross-country data insights

What can governments do to leverage the power of cities?

Anchor cities in planning

Empower local governments

Boost local investment capacity

Clusters of cities provide new opportunities

Africapolis - Visualise urbanisation in Africa

What do the experts say?

Future of Africa’s cities: What the experts say...

Rapid increase in urban population, but not enough jobs in the formal sectors...

It is key that governments develop sound national urban policies...

This is a new model of urban development; it requires all stakeholders...

National decentralisation frameworks have to be ratified...

Africa will be the continent with the largest urban population...

How is life in West Africa’s cities?

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The Economic Power of Africa’s Cities
Photo credits: Shutterstock. Slider: Kehinde Temitope Odutayo, Daniel M Ernst, Ovinuchi Ejiohuo, Atfie SahidMY; Policy actions: (L-R) Anton Ivanov, Jono Erasmus, Nataly Reinch