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The Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning project investigated how to improve the quality of teachers and teaching in order to optimise student learning. It focused on teachers' knowledge of effective teaching and learning, their opportunities to learn, and their motivation and beliefs about teaching.

The Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning project was comprised of two strands:

  • Research on 21st century teaching and learning

    The Research Strand of the work has generated a steady stream of insights on teaching and learning through publications in the domains of neuroscience, spatial cognition, teachers' knowledge and teaching standards. Click here to see all publications.
  • The Teacher Knowledge Survey (TKS)

    The Teacher Knowledge Survey is designed to provide objective and comparable measures of the specialised knowledge teachers have of teaching and learning, and whether this knowledge is updated with new research findings and adapted to 21st century skills. Click here to learn more.

The Teacher Knowledge Survey has now been included as an optional module in the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2024. 
Recruitment of countries under the TALIS 2024 cycle is now complete. For more information, please contact [email protected]


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How can teaching standards improve teaching?

Knowing what teachers know about teaching

Understanding how the brain processes maths learning                                               

Publications and reports

What Difference do Networks Make to Teachers' Knowledge?

February, 2020
Click here


The Relevance of General Pedagogical Knowledge for Successful Teaching

December, 2019
Click here


What Difference do Standards Make to Educating Teachers?

May, 2018

Click here


Harnessing Spatial Thinking to Support STEM Learning
November, 2017

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Understanding Teacher' Pedagogical Knowledge - Report on an International Pilot Study
October, 2017

The report: Click here
The executive summary - infographic: Click here


Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession
February, 2017

The book: Click here to access the PDF
The webinar: Click here to access the webinar video




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