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Helping people to develop and use skills effectively is crucial for people and countries to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. Fully recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic will also require countries to reskill workers who have lost their jobs and to adopt new strategies for making effective use of people’s skills in and out of the workplace.

In helping to achieve this, the OECD assesses skills challenges and opportunities, and looks to help countries to build more effective skills systems through tailor-made policy responses, while using the OECD Skills Strategy framework as its foundation.  



OECD Skills Strategy Framework



Country reports

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Papers prepared by participating countries

This report was written by Dr. Bruno Tindemans and Dr. Vickie Dekocker from the Centre of Expertise on Innovative Learning Pathways. It is an independent follow-up report to the OECD report “OECD Skills Strategy Flanders: Assessment and Recommendations”.


Implementing skills policy reforms

The OECD Skills Strategy team at the OECD and the DG REFORM of the European Commission are co-operating in providing technical support to countries to support skills policy reforms.

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More information about the benefits of OECD Skills Strategy projects and how OECD supports countries can be found in this brochure.

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